Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Nobody is awake yet and I've had an extended vacation to take care of all my pets, fish and crops on Facebook so I figured I should update my blog.

It's Valentine's Day so I'm feeling romantical. I was looking back through old photos trying to find a picture of Erik & I together to update my picture on Facebook and well... it's just strange watching 10 + years go by in photos and trying to grasp how long it's been but how fast it's gone.

We've been together now over 15 years. Married for 11. Two kids, house, minivan, cats. Good times and bad times and really wonderful times and really crappy times.

Compromises over time - ketchup can go in the fridge, but Santa does not wrap presents. Yes another cat, but I have to scoop the cat boxes and help vacuum. Erik gets to sleep in on Saturdays, I get to take a nap after lunch.

Some compromises took care of themselves - two kids, maybe a third - but then nature took care of that decision in the end. Work getting in the way... then new jobs and a routine fell into place.

Some compromises we are still working on - how to discipline the kids? What sweaters are okay to put in the dryer? Is it okay to let the cats sleep on the dining room table? It the house messy or just lived in? How late should the kids stay up? Who do we spend holidays with?

I sometimes look at out wedding picture and think, wow we look so happy and SO young and really - we just had no idea what we were in for...

But I am happy that after all this time, I can still kiss Erik at the place right behind his ear and he'll stop whatever he's doing and get a little shiver down his spine and sigh. And he can still make me laugh so hard that I get the hiccups.

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Jer said...

Awww... I <3 you two so much and I can't wait for the chance to see you again. And Santa DOES wrap the presents, dammit! ;D