Thursday, January 15, 2009

Another Charlie-ism

Oh this cat. I noticed Sunday he seemed to have a lump under his front leg. By Monday it was huge so I made an appointment with the vet. Monday night I found him laying in the tub, licking the heck out of his side, which was just oozing nastiness and infection. Blaaaaaah....

By Tuesday morning, most of the crud had drained, but the vet shaved the area, drained it all out and then cleaned him up. He had to get a shot of antibiotics. With all the hair gone, you could clearly see the bite marks. Most likely another cat. He seemed to perk up pretty quickly after we got home. I just have to give him anti-inflammatories at home for the next 4 days. And try to keep his furry butt inside until he is all healed.

I swear, I take this damn cat to the doctor more than I take my kids!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

When it rains...

This past weekend was the first time in a long time that I actually just had to cry. You know, one of those days when crappy stuff happens and keeps happening and then finally, there is just that one thing that makes the tears start to form in the corner of your eye.

I am extremely frustrated that I haven't received a start date for my new job. I had hoped to start at the beginning of January but my paperwork still is not processed and I am starting to have internal freak outs about it (like, they lost it... they cut the funding for my job... my security clearance got denied for some reason I have no idea about..., etc.)

I got the electric bill for last month and it was $700. I about had a heart attack and it confirmed my suspicions that the heater was not working correctly. So the heating guy came out and informed us the compressor had to be replaced - that is $1000 for the labor... and we were lucky that the part was under warranty or it'd be even more.

Then we discovered the outside spigot is leaking into the wall of the house. And there really is no shut off that doesn't involve tearing a hole in the basement ceiling. Plumber is coming. I have no idea what that will cost.

Then we discovered my van is leaking antifreeze, which I pretty much already knew but we found out how much it costs to fix the leak, oh and by the way, I need new brakes and the automatic transmission needs work... There goes another $1700.

Erik and I are celebrating our anniversary on Friday - it is our 10th which happens to be the tin or aluminum anniversary. I told him I was getting him a heating system compressor. He told me I was getting new brakes. Yay - romance...