Friday, October 2, 2009


I think the thing I might love best about my job is the RDO - Regular Day Off. I work 9 hours each Monday through Thursday, which equals an extra 8 hours per pay period - hence - every other Friday I do not have to go to work.

I find myself loving the RDO - weekends are busy. Soccer, grocery store, laundry, etc. The RDO is just... open. It's a "me" day. I make my appointments, run my errands, watch my brain candy TV shows on the DVR, take a nap curled up with my kitties, catch up on my blog and read all my family's blogs.

I am happy it is Autumn. I love the cooler weather, sweaters, pumpkins, all that stuff. I just ordered Halloween costumes for the kids and I wonder if this will be Marc's last year that he will want to dress up. Even this year, he had a hard time picking something he wanted to be - everything was for "little kids".

He has grown up so much. He has been "off" the past few weeks - grumpy, clumsy, fussy. I measured him on Sept 14th and again this week and he'd grown almost 1/8 inch. IN TWO WEEKS. No wonder he says his body feels all wonky. He's home sick with me today - he missed yesterday too, with a yucky cough.

I worry so much about him whenever he gets sick. His asthma is much much better now, but when he gets any sort of cold it still acts up. Yesterday he had to use his inhaler 5 times. I kept him home again today because he just sounds so awful, I'm afraid he will distract the entire class with his barking.

Lisey was MOST upset that she had to go to school. Again, when Marc got to stay home. She is just so full of sass, sometimes I can't decide whether to laugh or cry about that. I never worry about anybody taking advantage of her. She has no problem expressing if she feels she is not being treated fair.

But she is funny, creative, and helpful. When I was sick earlier this week she brought me my medicine and water so I didn't have to get out of bed - so sweet and kind. She loves animals and animals love her. She even takes care of her stuffed animals with such tenderness. She wants to be a vet and I think that would be a perfect fit for her.

It is getting difficult to continue typing, as Itty Bitty (who is neither Itty nor Bitty any more - he is a year old now and bigger than Charlie) has determined that the most inconvenient place for him to be at this moment is RIGHT IN FRONT of the computer screen. He likes to chase the cursor as I type.

When he does that, I like to print something. He hates the printer and as the paper feeds through it he will attack it. It's hysterical. He can be anywhere in the house and when he hears the whirrrrr of the printer starting up, he come running and pounces.

Off for errands now. Post office, dry cleaner, bank... Another lazy RDO.

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